Dreams came true this year at Rifflandia! I finally got to play the first festival I ever attended, and quite likely the festival that started this whole musical obsession of mine. See in 2010 my best bud Morgan insisted a few friends and myself venture with him from Nanaimo to his hometown of Victoria for a weekend of live music, and intro also to Phillips Brewery's amazing beer. As jazz majors it clearly didn't take much to convince us and it's all history from there. I was hooked, the crowds, the performances, the energy! A festival like no other I'd later find out (let's just say I've been to my fair share of fests since 2010...). 

So this performance was something special, a reassurance of sorts that even though we are just a little old indie band, we're doing something right. So thank you to Atomique Productions, Do250, Anian, The Zone 91.3, Victoria Music Scene, Darren Ho Video, Rocktographers and everyone else who makes the Victoria music community what it is. You're all fucking rockstars. 

xo Danielle

All photos by Webmeister Bud of The Zone 91.3, Adam Lee of Victoria Music Scene and Darren Ho Media.